Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cafe-Bar Bilbao (redux)

So you can see some of Café-Bar Bilbao’s creations:

I went back for an early lunch, my last meal in Bilbao. The one on the left turned out to be a ball of cream cheese with something slight and meaty in the middle, covered in slivered almonds, and then topped with the aforementioned raspberry jelly. Not so exciting, and the cream cheese made me only long for a proper bagel. But the one on the left was tasty, I think bacalao mixed in olive oil with a slice of sautéed zucchini and a blob of sauce that was more tart than spicy.

And then I ate an entire plate of fried calamari. The first few were so good, so succulent, so far from anything served by the kind of American restaurant that serves fried calamari. But by the end, sigh, I realized why fried calamari is usually shared.


Anonymous said...


That calamari looks SO amazing, I can understand not being able to stop enoying it until it's too late! Even if you couldn't share the pintxos, thanks for sharing your travels. I am inspired by your reports and your great appreciation of new experiences!

AppleSister said...

Thank you! It´s nice to know people are actually reading this blog.