Friday, June 29, 2007

Crapola American food

This is what happens when you order nachos, chicken wings, and fried cheese sticks at a sports bar in Oaxaca. I haven't eaten cheese like that in...well, maybe never. Oh, there was that Philly cheesesteak I ate the "authentic" way with Cheez Whiz in 2003.

A group of us had hoped to find some thrills in watching Mexico play Brazil in the Copa America fĂștbol tournament in a crowd full of Mexicans, but on top of missing Mexico's two winning goals, due to a misreading of the newspaper, we had to order crapola American food, due to the 80 peso per person minimum being enforced that night. Keep in mind that this was only a first round game, but the bar was packed, and only seats left required me to tilt my head back so far, I started getting a crick right away.

Being in "Metrocity," the sports bar, reminded me of being in Seoul in high school. The bar was trying to be very American, despite its almost completely Mexican clientele. It had a black wooden bar that kind of made it look like an American pub, if you squinted and didn't notice the paneling didn't go all the way, and a bunch of random, mainly American sports posters, like one of Scottie Pippen for the Portland Trailblazers, and a big inflated inner tube advertising a beer company.

I don't really have to describe the way the food tasted because I'm sure you know. I need to find a new sports bar pronto, because the Copa America is going on all month. I watched Argentina trounce the U.S. beautifully at my homestay last night (sorry, I'm a bad American but it was really well done), but my new apartment doesn't have a TV. It's a good thing I don't have cravings for American bar food, because God knows where I would go.


Lina said...

try going to a cantena, not one of the more modern, 'hip' ones but an old school cantena. they often have 1 or 2 flat screens showing games. also, it's like in spain where you get a free 'tapas', which can be anything from a tlayuda to tacos, with your drink. the old school ones tend to still be a male only crowd but if you go with other people, it should be fine. provecho!

AppleSister said...

Sadly, the one person here who's as into soccer as I am is leaving in a week! But maybe I can make some new futbol friends. Gracias!