Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucky pig

Remember when I was forced by Mexican airport security to leave my molcajete behind in Oaxaca?

It's now at home with me in Brooklyn!

My friend Katherine, who lives in Oaxaca and was coincidentally on the same plane as me that day, heard the whole story and decided to check if the airline had kept it when she flew back home. The airline official weirdly accused of her lying about being my friend and being on that flight, as if she had the nefarious desire to steal a Mexican mortar and pestle. But he did give it to her and this week, she emailed me to tell me she was coming to NY and did I want my molcajete!

I never imagined I would ever see this little pig again. It must be a sign. I'm not sure of what, but something good, don't you think?


Diane Y. said...

What a thoughtful dear friend! I love the cutie cutie cutie pig.

Erin said...

que increible! i'm so glad you're reunited with that lovely pig. i saw ridiculously overpriced ones at a kitchen shop in SF and considered sending you a surrogate, but i knew it would never compare to the original.

Leslie said...

wow, that must be a sign!

AppleSister said...

I'm amazed by the outpouring of shared happiness!