Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tacos Alvaro

Impressive, no?

The chile-turkey is sitting on top of a refrigerator case of sodas at Tacos Alvaro on Porfirio Diaz at the corner of Quetzalcoatl.

They serve quite good tacos, from 2 pm until late at night, which I would describe in greater detail, except I can’t quite remember whether I ate “buche” or “trompa,” which my dictionary both translate as “mouth” or “maw,” but I’m sure the waiter said one of them was some sort of innards, “como tripa.” Erin and I had the “al pastor” and “carnitas” each, and one was very good and the other very strange, so strange to be inedible even to us, but I can’t remember which was which either.

We were tired after being in the sun and rain all day for Guelaguetza, and on our way to our all-night bus ride to Puerto Escondido, please forgive me.


Erin said...

The al pastor was the very good taco, the carnitas was the oddly inedible one, to our palates. It was definitely a different cut of meat than the carnitas I'm used to- the meat was so full of cartilage it was crunchy. And I'm pretty sure you had the trompa, not the buche.

I just ate a chicken mole tamal from the Civic Center farmer's market for lunch, and while it wasn't bad, it made me yearn to be back in Oaxaca eating the real deal with you!

AppleSister said...

Thank you for remembering! Whew!
If only I could send you a tamal oaxaqueno...